A Gift of Puppies - front cover

A Gift of Puppies

Getting them ready for a life of service and love

By : Carolyn Wing Greenlee


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Also available on Kindle

A Gift of Puppies by Carolyn Wing Greenlee

…In this book, you will read about the feelings of many puppy raisers, and you will hear from others, such as breeder custodians, that are all important contributors to the life cycle of a service animal. You’ll understand their joys and heartbreaks, what it is like to take a cute bundle of fur into their homes, to deal with shredded shoes and little puddles on the carpet. You’ll count the shadows of developing puppies on a sonogram as they grow inside their mother. You’ll join puppy raisers when they drop off their mature dog for training, and you’ll experience the joy of watching a very special and highly educated Dog make a difference in another person’s life.

So, turn the page quickly and join us for a very special adventure. And, perhaps you’ll want to join this very special volunteer lifestyle and make a difference in a puppy’s life and that of a very lucky human.

G. Morgan Watkins
Acting President and CEO
Guide Dogs for the Blind
July 2010 – December 2011

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Pages 166
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