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What can wreck Your Kids - book coverCarolyn Wing Greenlee

What Can Wreck Your Kids and What To Do About It

A Christian’s guide to protect your family from the most destructive factors against faith today

Facts, information, insights into the most recent science, archaeology, and other discoveries that verify the historicity and Divine inspiration of the Bible. Abundant evidence that the Christian faith is truth-based, not myths and legends, and uniquely valid and reliable to help you guide your family safely through the chaos and confusion of the current worldview that asserts there is no God, no meaning, no purpose, no significance to life, no objective ethics, and nothing after death—nothing but blind indifference. Insights into Eastern religions from one who has been in them, and has found the wonders of four decades of growing in fellowship with Personal Savior God Who designed purpose and destiny for every human life. Offers tools to strengthen and equip your family to make a difference in a troubled world, to walk in bright beauty in the freedom and astonishing love of God and be a blessing wherever they go.

  • Proof the Bible is the true Word of God
  • Archaeological evidence for the historicity of the Bible
  • Decoding the prevailing worldview
  • Ways to develop biblical discernment and critical thinking skills in your kids
  • Fame, fortune, validation, winning, and success—the world’s way vs. God’s way
  • An inside view of Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, and Hinduism from one who has been there
  • What life looks like in real people who choose to follow the will of God
  • Navigating the chaos of traumatic times God’s way