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the blue-colored title Z9 City Champion of Daoqin Book 1 in the foreground of a starfieldZ9 City: Book 1 – Champion of Daoqin
For sixty years, the people of the Zenith colony have lived in peace and harmony far from Earth. That peace is threatened when sinister forces from the troubled Blue Planet travel farther out to the stars. Thrown into the middle of the conflict, two boys raised by a mysterious woman from Daoqin (DAY-o-chin) struggle to protect the colony and the people they love.
This adventure will please readers with plenty of nail-biting action, realistic heroes (spiderwebs, capes, etc. are not needed), romance, sorrow, suspense, and battles. Become totally involved with the intriguing Mei, the brilliant Dr. Gransom, and their much-loved charges, Tran and Bobby, as they attempt to overcome their pasts and forge their futures. Will the Zenith Colony survive, or will greed and the craving for power once again ruin another world?

“Z9 City” is written with such creativity, clarity, and depth of characters that it will carry you swiftly along and leave you begging for more. — Linda Marie, MFT

Available on Amazon in paperback, kindle, and hardcover