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Z9 City: Book 1 – Champion of Daoqin

Z9 City is the capitol of the Zenith Colony, a cluster of 50 space stations established by innovative and creative people who fled there to live in safety, freedom, and peace far from the ravages of war-torn Earth.

Born on Z9, Trig Moore has never been to Earth. He’s never felt real gravity, waded in the ocean, experienced changes of season, or breathed unrecycled air. But all of that is normal for Zenith people.

Trig has grown up like other kids, going to school, playing baseball, flying spacecraft, and running around with friends. He loves exploring and has investigated as much of the complex station as his biochemist parents will allow.

When an event blows Trig’s world apart, he suddenly finds himself in the care of the richest man in the galaxy, a mysterious woman with extraordinary healing and fighting skills, and an elder brother named Bobby with a healthy interest in girls and a passion for flying the fastest spacecraft he can find.

But greed is driving the powerful on Earth to invade the prosperous colony, and each new attack exposes more of the secret pasts of Trig’s new family. He and Bobby find themselves in a perilous struggle to defend their home, their way of life, and the people they love, not knowing that what they do may change the balance of power in the galaxy.

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