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the blue-colored title Z9 City Champion of Daoqin Book 1 in the foreground of a starfieldZ9 City: Book 1 – Champion of Daoqin

After a tragic event shatters the peaceful lives of two young boys living in a colony of space stations, they find new lives and hope with the support of an innovative scientist and a refugee from Earth with an extraordinary past and many secrets. When sinister factions make their way to the colony, the boys, now young men, find themselves in a perilous struggle to defend their home, their way of life, and the people they love.
This adventure has plenty of nail-biting action, realistic heroes, suspense, and battles. Become totally involved with the intriguing Mei, the visionary Dr. Gransom, and their much-loved charges, Tran and Bobby, as they attempt to overcome their pasts and forge their futures.

“Z9 City” is written with such creativity, clarity, and depth of characters that it will carry you swiftly along and leave you not wanting it to end.

Available on Amazon in paperback, kindle, and hardcover