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The author walking with her guide dog down a sun lit country roadWalking In His Way

aligning with the God of the Universe

Carolyn Wing Greenlee

How do we keep our balance when everything is shaking around us? How do we see what’s going on the way God sees it? And how do we partner with Him in helping bring about His purposes for this momentous time? There are surprising ways to pray, insights that clarify His values in a world that doesn’t understand He has infused each life with purpose, significance, gifts, and destiny.

Walking in His Way – aligning with the God of the Universe offers stories of ordinary people living astonishing lives in difficult circumstances, and how the worst can become the best when we align with God and walk in His ways. You will also get an inside view of what it was like for the author to grow up in Taoism and Confucianism, and what she knows about Jesus because she wasn’t brought up in the church. She also shares what she’s learned from her blindness and lessons from her guide dog, Hedy. There are wonderful verifications of the veracity of the Bible through archaeology, history, and linguistic structure, plus other ways that prove the Bible can be trusted to tell you God’s truth. All of these things have been chosen to keep you sure-footed as you follow the Creator of the Universe through the darkness of confusing and uncertain times.

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