15-Minute Vocal Warm-up

By : Carolyn Wing Greenlee

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15-Minute Vocal Warmup by Carolyn Wing Greenlee

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Carolyn Wing Greenlee has instructed hundreds of people to sing, and experienced singers to use their voices to their greatest potential. Most have simply not had the tools needed to strengthen, stretch and tune their voices effectively. Everyone can improve with effort and understanding.

These exercises are for warming up the voice and developing its capabilities. The 15 minutes of warm-ups are designed to stretch your range, both higher and lower, to create strength and resonance in the upper range and flexibility and lyricism in the lower range. The exercises are beneficial for all styles of singing in any musical genre.

• Use it around the house to strengthen and expand your vocal range
• Backstage before a performance
• Before tracking a vocal in the studio
• In your car on the way to a gig, or wherever

An 8-page booklet provides explanations of how the voice works and what it takes to improve the quality and control of your voice. A simple explanation of each exercise is also provided.

There are 7 safe and effective exercises:

Track 01 – Thirds
Track 02 – Snowplow
Track 03 – Stretching the Falsetto
Track 04 – Pitch Matching with Vowels
Track 05 – Staccato Octave Jumps
Track 06 – Pitch Matching with Vowel Changes
Track 07 – Octave in 3rds with Staccato Vowels

An unusual part of this CD is that the voice doing the exercises is not perfect. Instead of demonstrating only what should be, it also shows what you can expect if you are not strong and controlled. While you’re learning and growing, you’re bound to make some ugly noises. Don’t feel embarrassed, that’s simply part of the process.

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