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Eternal River, Vol II

Eternal River, Vol II: The Claremont Years by Carolyn Wing Greenlee

Things were vastly different in 1951 when Tom and Kay Wing moved their family to Claremont, California. At age 4, their daughter Carolyn was about to spend the next 13 years experiencing life from the inside of their custom house, being reared in the combination of old Chinese and new American ideas that her parents chose from navigating their own difficult pasts. With brilliant, dynamic, powerful parents, and an older sister who excelled at everything; through the rigors of childhood, the brutality of junior high and the awkwardness of high school, Carolyn must fight for a place of her own. With great insight and humor, Carolyn Wing Greenlee tells of these years in a way that is poignant, captivating and deeply touching.

Eternal River, Vol II: The Claremont Years is part in a series of the Wing family memoirs, which includes:

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Eternal River, Vol I: The Early Years

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