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The Battle Belongs To The Lord

Carolyn Wing Greenlee: The Battle Belongs to the Lord (Songs of the Soldier #1)

The Bible tells us to hide the Word of God in our hearts, but how do we memorize it? The easiest way is to sing it. These particular passages are not worship. They were chosen to feed, guide, encourage, and strengthen Believers as they battle their way through the trials of life.

In 1978, when Scripture choruses were just being sung and worship had not yet become more popular than Contemporary Christian music, Carolyn was given a commission to put into song Scriptures that would encourage and uplift followers of Jesus Christ as they battled through the trials of their lives. The songs on this original album, recorded in 1990, were chosen to encourage a missionary who had labored 25 years to bring the message of hope and redemption to people in China.

You may stream the complete album here for free.

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