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Things Seen In The Desert

Things Seen In The Desert by Jim Lyle

Sixty-nine poems and thirteen essays on life in Texhoma and love in general shared generously with humor, horror, insight, and honesty.

Review Quotes

Jim’s power and authenticity derives from the true grit of those years spent growing up in the Oklahoma Panhandle and a gravitation toward an ethical paradigm as distinct and uncompromising as his early frontier forebears…Read his work. It will by turns enrage and delight you. Of this you can rest assured, however, it will inexorably alter the way in which you view your world and the human condition. — Calder Lowe, Executive Editor, “The Montserrat Review”

Jim’s words are imbued with a richness of living and a variety of experiences. They resonate with the truth of one who’s been there. — Audry L. Lynch, Ed.D., Author, “Steinbeck Remembered”