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Milford Zornes: Nine Decades with a Master Painter

Milford Zornes: Nine Decades with a Master Painter

A definitive exploration of the work and mind of world renowned artist Milford Zornes, N.A., Nine Decades with a Master Painter contains more than 230 images, richly juxtaposed with comments by Mr. Zornes and his colleague and artist friend, Bill Anderson. Among subjects discussed are the artistic process, seeing the truth in the subject matter, and the struggles and issues involved in the creation of paintings. A frank and open person, Mr. Zornes talks about such thorny issues as the business of selling paintings as well as how he has had to adapt to his increasing blindness. Best known for being a member of the California Impressionists of the Thirties, Mr. Zornes is far more than a California landscape watercolorist. Nine Decades presents his depth and scope as a world traveler capturing images in pencil, charcoal, lithograph, block print, India ink, watercolor and oil.

Milford Zornes is a born storyteller, brought up in an age when narrative was stylistically relevant in art. Mr. Zornes is one of the leading artists of the California School, a West Coast watercolor movement that arose during the Depression era of the 1930s and that continues to have national relevance today. This illustrated volume of stories and insights by Mr. Zornes reveals the working methods of the artist and the reasons why the California School was more committed to nature and to the “California Dream” than social and political ideals. It expands our understanding of one of the last living members of the group by including much previously unseen work. At 97 years of age, Mr. Zornes continues to have an active career in spite of his struggle with macular degeneration and his loss of sight, which has necessitated profound changes in his working methods.
–Susan M. Anderson
independent curator and art historian

Oral history interview with Milford Zornes, 1999 July 18-Sept. 5, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution

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