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Eternal River, Vol III

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Eternal River, Volume III: The Next Thirty Years by Carolyn Wing Greenlee

from the Foreword by JoAnn Levy

It’s hard to know where to start praising this book. Within its pages we find a family saga, a scientific treatise, personal confession, spiritual declaration, California history, entrepreneurial inspiration, and the loving testament of a devoted daughter whose humility likely prevents her from acknowledging, and possibly even recognizing, what she has achieved here. …

This account of one American family, of the immigrant experience, and of the power of story, connects all of us to the great good fortune of living in this country. And of how much we owe those ancestors courageous enough to leave family, country, and culture behind to forge a new life in the New World and make possible the good fortune for those to follow.

JoAnn Levy, Author
They Saw the Elephant
Daughter of Joy

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Eternal River, Volume III: The Next Thirty Years, is part of the Wing family memoirs, which include:

Son of South Mountain & Dust

Inside the Oy Quong Laundry

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