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Homestead Recipes

Homestead Recipes by Loretta Burriss Ussery

Ever since Letty told us about her grandma Kate’s peach cobbler dripping with thick warmed cream, we were anxious to get the recipe and try it out. Though we didn’t have fresh cream from our own jersey cow, it was still incredible.

There are 159 recipes in this collection—family favorites from five generations starting with Letty’s great aunt, the Wagon Master’s daughter. Appetizers, preserves, salads, sauces and dressings, main dishes, side dishes, and lots of luscious desserts from exceptional cooks are spiced with comments and stories from across the generations. Stunning family photographs and Letty’s charming illustrations make this unusual cookbook a delightful gift.

A Saga of Scotts Valley

A Saga of Scotts Valley by Loretta Burriss Ussery

A Saga of Scotts Valley is more than the history of a place and the people that lived there. It’s bits of memories told by the people who lived in the original homesteading era–a barn raising, a wagon ride, encounters with bears, the first buck hunt of three eager boys and more—preserved by Letty Ussery’s pen for us all to enjoy. She did the collecting, the writing, the remembering in the hopes that people will realize that they’re involved in history themselves. As Letty reminds us, what seems insignificant today becomes significant history later. Everyone has a story to tell.