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The Message Is True

The Message Is True – Carolyn Wing Greenlee

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April 7, 2020

Each one of these scriptures has been chosen to help us stay aligned with God’s truth, the truth that makes us free from fear, doubt, anxiety, worry, helplessness, hopelessness, pointlessness, and dread. The words have power, and when we absorb them into our lives, that power flows through us and changes the atmosphere wherever we go.

How can this be? It’s supernatural. The Word of God does not return void, empty, fruitless, but always accomplishes what it is sent out to do. The Word of God became flesh and dwelt among us, showing us how to walk in the spirit connected always to Father God. In His incarnation, He showed us what is possible when a human being trusts in the Lord with all his heart and brings the Kingdom of God to Earth with peace that passes understanding and the healing power that only God can give.

Remember, We are in a fierce battle in the spiritual realm, and in it, we have been given weapons which are mighty through God for the pulling down of strongholds, casting down imaginations, and every proud and lofty thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God. And we are able to keep grounded, stable in Him Who conquered the world for us and has given each of us gifts, a job, and a destiny we can’t imagine—for such a time as this.

— Carolyn Wing Greenlee

All songs © copyright 1980 – 2020 Carolyn Wing Greenlee

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Dr. Thomas W. Wing: Microcurrent Therapy, Reprints 1

Dr. Thomas W. Wing: Microcurrent Therapy, Reprints 1

Dr. Thomas Wing’s pioneering research in microcurrent as published in Chiropractic Economies and in the American Journal of Acupuncture for 1976–1985.


These reprints have been arranged into two categories: acupuncture in the first part, and non-acupuncture electro-therapy in the second part.

Taken chronologically, these papers follow the researchers as they report their findings and discoveries. Dr. Wing’s first major effort, a complete introductory to acupuncture, “The Theory of Applied Electro-Acupuncture and Technic of Non-Needle Acupoint Therapy,” SEE-DO Press, 1-27-1976, is not reprinted here.

Acupuncture articles are intended to simplify and Westernize the ancient and mysterious Chinese theories. They are pragmatic and guide the way for no nonsense in analysis and treatment. Methods outlined are in use worldwide and have enabled an easy introduction to Chinese medicine.

Wing Electro-Therapy is the outgrowth of the search for a more effective trans-dermal electro-stimulator. Non acupuncture techniques developed are being used in increasing numbers and has been publicized for its efficiency in sports injuries and neuro-myofacial dysfunction and pain.

The writers hope this edition will be of some benefit in reducing pain and dysfunction and decrease the cost of health care.

Table of Contents

Testing Meridian Imbalance as it Relates to the Chiropractic Adjustment – by Dr. Thomas W. Wing

Simplest Electro-Acupoint Therapy – Phase 1 “An Applied Approach To beginning Therapy” – by Dr. Thomas W. Wing

Hearing Loss Improvement with Needleless Electroacupuncture – by Dr. Thomas W. Wing

“See-Do Ear-Ricular Therapy-Phase 1” – by Dr. Thomas W. Wing

Automated Approach to Meridian Balancing and Electroacupuncture Instrumentation – by Dr. Thomas W. Wing

(Sixth in a Series) The Auricular Approach to Weight Loss – by Dr. Thomas W. Wing

(Part 3 Applied Electro-Acupoint Therapy) See-Do Side Experiment Using Phase 1 and 2 Methods – by Dr. Thomas W. Wing and Carolyn Wing, MA, CA

(7th in a Series on Electro-Acupoint Therapy) Electronic – A New Tonifier. A Simplified Electronic Tune-up System for the Body – by Dr. Thomas W. Wing and Carolyn Wing, MA, CA

Meridian Balance: Bridge Between Chiropractic & Chinese Medicine – by Dennis L. Greenlee, D.C., L.Ac., and Carolyn Wing, MA, CA

(9th is a Series – Electro-Point Therapy) “A Visit to the Birthplace of Acupuncture – Dr. Thomas W. Wing

(10th in a Series) The Theory of Chinese Acupuncture – by Dr. Thomas W. Wing

(11th in a Series on Electro-Point Therapy) Applied Kinesiology, Related Organs, Meridians, & Ear-Ricular Therapy – by Dr. W. Wing

(4th in a Series) T.E.S.T. A New Therapy Method That Succeeds When Used After Failure of Acupuncture Electro-Acupoint Therapy, manipulation, Kinesiology & Drug – by Dr. Thomas Wing

(5th in a Series: New Hope for Whiplash Sufferers). The Electrification of Applied Kinesiology: The Golgi Tendon Organ – by Dr. Thomas W. Wing

(The 8th in a Continuing Series: Electro-Point Therapy) TENS, A New Safer Way to Pain Control – by Dr. Thomas W. Wing

12th I a series on Electro-Point Therapy) Star Trek Therapy Here Today? E.T.R. A New Discovery that is Consistently Producing Results beyond Acupuncture – by Dr. Thomas W. Wing

(First in a Series) (An Interview with Dr. Bill Pace) EMR: The Electronic Answer to Resistant Muscular Problems – by Dr. Thomas W. Wing

EMR: New Approach to Neuromuscular Problems Through Muscular Re-Education and AK Enhancement – by Dr. Thomas W. Wing and Steve Baker, D.C.

(Part 3) Dr. George Goodheart Reports New Formula for Determining EMR. Enhancement of Muscle Re-Education Frequency – by Dr. Thomas W. Wing

(4th is a Series) on Electro-Therapy) The Newest Medical Fad: Trigger-Point Therapy – by Dr. Thomas W. Wing, Dennis Greenlee, D.C., L.Ac.

(4th in a Series on electro-Therapy) In-House Computer Reduces Healthcare Cost – by Dr. Thomas W. Wing

(5th in a Series on Electro-Therapy) New Therapy: A New Classification – by Dr. Thomas W. Wing

(6th in a Series on Electro-Therapy) New TMJ Study Documents Breakthrough in Management – by Dr. Thomas W. Wing

Interferential Therapy – by Dr. Thomas W. Wing

The Revolution in ElectroTherapy – by Robert I. Picker M.D., James Nirenstein, PhD, Dr. Thomas W. Wing.

Sports Medicine Series Preview Interview with Jack Scott, PhD – by Brian Maxwell

Other books on Microcurrent

Basic Microcurrent Therapy, Acupoint & Body Work Manual

The Healing Ear

Things Seen In The Desert

Things Seen In The Desert by Jim Lyle

Sixty-nine poems and thirteen essays on life in Texhoma and love in general shared generously with humor, horror, insight, and honesty.

Review Quotes

Jim’s power and authenticity derives from the true grit of those years spent growing up in the Oklahoma Panhandle and a gravitation toward an ethical paradigm as distinct and uncompromising as his early frontier forebears…Read his work. It will by turns enrage and delight you. Of this you can rest assured, however, it will inexorably alter the way in which you view your world and the human condition. — Calder Lowe, Executive Editor, “The Montserrat Review”

Jim’s words are imbued with a richness of living and a variety of experiences. They resonate with the truth of one who’s been there. — Audry L. Lynch, Ed.D., Author, “Steinbeck Remembered”

On The River of Grace

On The River of Grace by Liller Burk Cotter

When your life blows apart, what do you do? Scream? Hide? Hate? Give up and die? Twenty-eight year-old Liller Burk crawled into the lap of God. This is her journal–the first torn and broken year alone in her cabin at Maincamp, thirty-seven miles from the nearest town in the Alaskan wilderness. This is her grief and fear, and her joy learning to trust her Heavenly Father as He gently guided her to a place of comfort and healing.

Journey with the Wagon Master

Journey with the Wagon Master by Joseph Newton Borroughs

Joseph Newton Borroughs was only fourteen in 1856 when he started from South Carolina with his brother, the Wagon Master. His mind was on the adventures ahead. He got them. In the two years it took to get to California, he drove his own wagon, managed his own cattle, encountered howling wolves, armed robbers, rowdy travelers and his own heart. Fifty years later, he wrote this book.

Joseph balances memories of awkward, winsome youth with the wisdom of age while maintaining the suspense and wit which make his story genuinely engaging and delightful.

Approved by The Oregon/California Trail Association

Mountains & Pioneers of Lake County

Mountains & Pioneers of Lake County by Henry Mauldin

This selection from the research of Lake County Historian Henry Mauldin provides the geology, location, native lore, and stories about the mountains of Lake County, California, and the people who gave them their names. Henry’s own love of people, sense of humor, and zeal for history comes through in his writings, which include eyewitness accounts from the county’s first settlers–many of whom were his personal friends.

Some Things I Have Learned about God from the Life of Joseph

Some Things I Have Learned about God from the Life of Joseph by Bob Cull

Do you ever feel as if you’re trying as hard as you can to love and obey the Lord, and things just keep getting worse? Does it seem you’ve been in prison for years without even a glimmer of hope of getting out? Do you wonder if you’re normal, or do you worry that God is mad at you and not telling you why? This teaching, which Bob Cull has shared with churches across the nation, reassures Believers that they are not alone, God is not mad at them, and that He has a Plan for good, even though sometimes it doesn’t look like it.

Some Things I Have Learned about God from the Life of Gideon

Some Things I Have Learned about God from the Life of Gideon by Bob Cull

Here is a teaching for Believers who are facing battles which threaten to overwhelm them—battles sometimes of their own making—against an enemy which outnumbers them in every way. Here is a fresh look at God’s way of handling those issues in our lives. It may surprise you. His love is always surprising.

Homestead Recipes

Homestead Recipes by Loretta Burriss Ussery

Ever since Letty told us about her grandma Kate’s peach cobbler dripping with thick warmed cream, we were anxious to get the recipe and try it out. Though we didn’t have fresh cream from our own jersey cow, it was still incredible.

There are 159 recipes in this collection—family favorites from five generations starting with Letty’s great aunt, the Wagon Master’s daughter. Appetizers, preserves, salads, sauces and dressings, main dishes, side dishes, and lots of luscious desserts from exceptional cooks are spiced with comments and stories from across the generations. Stunning family photographs and Letty’s charming illustrations make this unusual cookbook a delightful gift.