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Z9 City: Coming of Age


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Deep in space is the Zenith Colony, a cluster of space stations far from Earth. Tran and Bobby have grown up here — going to school, playing sports, flirting with girls, flying incredible spacecraft, dealing with imperfect parents — a normal, peaceful life for Z9ers until a life-shattering event thrusts the boys into the middle of a dangerous conflict. With the support of a brilliant scientist, the training and guidance from a mysterious woman in her ancient form of fighting, the two boys strive to protect their colony, their way of life, and the ones they love.

Z9 City is available in paperback and kindle only on Amazon

From an Amazon customer: “I found it a page-turner, but not merely because I wanted to know what happened next, it’s because I really cared about the characters. Tran and Bobby, the scientist, and four magnificent women became so real to me that I was able to totally lose myself in their story. The plot was unpredictable. The world was completely innovative, yet believable and integrated as the setting for their lives. It wasn’t technology or innovation for its own sake; it was part of the storyline the way sets on a stage help determine the movement and action of the characters. Excellent pacing with plenty of action without wearing me out from sheer adrenaline fatigue. I loved how the entire story seemed inevitable even though so many of the events surprised me. I especially appreciated that there are no super heroes in Z9. Nobody is born with super powers or hidden supernatural gifts. These are normal human individuals with the same cares as other human beings, yet they grow as they face immense adversities and find themselves able to meet catastrophes head-on because of who they have become. It inspired me. Gave me hope and a fresh view of what’s possible even in the midst of catastrophic loss. I love these people and the Z9 colony, and I can’t wait to read the sequel!”