Speaking for Fire DVD front cover
Paper-cut illustration of animals of all sizes running through the flames of a forest fire.A paper-cut illustration of a once fire-scarred area of forest now blossoming with new animal and plant life.A paper-cut illustration of a hummingbird extracting nectar from a red flower.

Speaking for Fire (DVD)


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Speaking for Fire (DVD) by James Bluewolf, illustrations by Carolyn Wing Greenlee

When Fire destroys life and land, the peoples want to be rid of him. It seems no one will speak for Fire until a most unlikely voice is heard.

Speaking for Fire, narrated by author James BlueWolf in the tradition of native storytellers, and illustrated with cut-paper designs by Carolyn Wing Greenlee, is brought to life in a stunning video version of the original book.

Wordcraft AwardWINNER
Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers and
Storytellers Children’s Literary Award




Speaking for Fire - front coverAlso available in book form.