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Sitting By His Bones

By : James Bluewolf

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Sitting By His Bones by James Bluewolf

From Grandma’s in the Garbage to Raking up the Leaves, James Bluewolf’s poetry creates wide-screen Technicolor pictures in your head. Sometimes it takes you to warm interiors where pipes curling the smoke of good company create a sense of comfort and peace. Sometimes it jars you. Sometimes it holds you in the commonality of grief. But always, always, the words are wonderful—hard-working, tough, graceful, lyrical.

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48 Summers 48 Summers

Drum Away The Dark Drum Away The Dark

Review Quotes

…a significant contribution to the growing body of ‘Indin’ poetry, written by ‘Indin’ people. To those of the dominant culture…James makes it possible to catch a glimpse of the life and heart to be found within ‘Indin’ country. To those of us within ‘Indin’ country, it speaks clearly and with mastery. James is a wordsmith of the first order. His work may please you, or displease you, but it will not leave you indifferent. It should be a must have for every academic library in this country, and every other. Libraries that collect poetry should try to get this one! — John Berry, President 1999-2001, Library Association

I feel strongly that James Bluewolf writes the kind of poetry I want handy…The poetry in “Sitting By His Bones” has affected me in a way that only a few writers have. Bluewolf writes to the people: tells us of the winners and the losers–the haves and the have nots. For 96 years Meridel Le Sueur listened to the people and reported what she heard in prose and poetry. I get the feeling that Bluewolf will do the same for us. James is writing about what he has experienced–with visions added to insure that our quest never ends–that we dream and share the dreams. The illustrations in this fine book are by Stephanie Del Bosco and are a powerful compliment to the poetry — Joseph W. Grant, Editor, “The Book Reader”

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